Closed Circuit Television

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Some years ago a large retail chain had replaced all of their DuraVision in house security mirrors with Closed Circuit Television Systems. It was hard to believe that in two years after replacing the DuraVision security mirrors with CCTV systems, that theft (shrinkage) had increased to a total of $12,000,00 within a chain of almost 40 stores! To make matters worse, the CCTV systems are now aging and in need of costly service work and or replacement upgrades. Therefore, the retail chain management began to review their security system investment costs which included the ongoing maintenance and operational costs of the CCTV systems.

The review found the following:

  • A new CCTV system currently costs $90,000.00 per store.
  • There are continuous labor costs involved with operating and monitoring the systems.
  • There are continuous maintenance contract costs to pay for maintaining the systems.
  • By implementing good maintenance procedures it was determined that each CCTV system only has a maximum life cycle of 10 years.


An employee in the Security Department noticed that when the stores were using DuraVision security mirrors, theft (shrinkage) was a lot less costly before the CCTV systems were installed and the security mirrors removed. A suggestion was made to reinstall some of the security mirrors that had been taken down and put into storage.

That experiment resulted in a reduction of theft (shrinkage) very quickly. Store employees were able to monitor customers quickly and easily from the sales floor. In addition, it is a know fact that DuraVision security mirrors are a deterrent to any potential shoplifters when they can easily see the security mirrors while walking around the store.

A security decision was made to reinstall all of the DuraVision security mirrors back in their original locations. This allowed a change to smaller, less costly CCTV systems by using them only at strategic locations such as entrances, exits and cashier stations. Thus reducing their theft (shrinkage) dollars!

Safety Mirrors and More Safety Products

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     Did you know that in addition to Convex Safety & Security Mirrors, we have many other categories of safety equipment available for you to purchase. These safety equipment categories include but are not limited to:

Labels, Letters & Numbers


Safety Tags


Confined Space

ID Tags & Pipe Markers

Haz-Com, Right-to-Know, DOt

Traffic & Roadway

Plant & Facility

Motivation & Safety Awareness

Traffic & Safety Cones

Marking Tapes


Warning Lights

Please browse and get back to us at 888-600-8922

They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. Today in History

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     Did you know that this day in 1911, Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" was stolen from the Louvre Museum in Paris? ( The thief was museum employee Vincenzo Peruggia, who took the painting to Italy, where it was found two years later.) I submit to you that strategically placed DuraVision Security Mirrors might have influenced Peruggia's decision to apply his "five fingered discount" that day in The Louvre and prevented the theft.

     Please visit our new website, There, you will find many products and equipment that is used in the same areas and locations as DuraVision Safety & Security Mirrors. Please drop us a line or send us a picture of any safety & security mirror applications that you see and or have. 888-600-8922.

Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier!

Convex Safety Mirror Manufacturers

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If you are searching for a convex safety mirror other than a Duravision safety mirror, stop your search. You have arrived at the correct website! In addition to Duravision safety mirrors, we are Partners and work with the following mirror manufacturers:

* Lester L. Brossard Co.

* Campus Crafts Inc.

* K-10 Inc.

* Sentinel

* Fred Silver & Co. Inc.

Please remember that we are the primary source for stainless steel convex safety mirrors!

Safety Mirror Cleaning Tips

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     Have you ever given any thought or wondered how to clean your convex safety mirrors? Well, we pulled together all of our knowledge and experience and through years of thorough testing and research, created a helpful guide for cleaning acrylic, polycarbonate and stainless steel mirror faces. Click on these links: Cleaning Acrylic Mirrors, Cleaning Polycarbonate Mirrors and Cleaning Stainless Steel Mirrors. Remember, a clean mirror face enhances safety and security for your business, your employees, your family and your real estate!


Of Interest

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     DuraVision Mirrors and Ferrari. Hmm, the worlds best sports car meets the worlds best Safety Mirror. Well, I saw some DuraVision mirrors throughout Ferrari dealerships. Automobile dealerships can safely benefit from using DuraVision mirrors. Dealership personnel shall not drive into the customers and DuraVision Safety Mirrors help to prevent that from happening!

     DuraVision Mirrors and the US Army. Hmm, the worlds best Army meets the worlds best Safety Mirror. The US Army is tough and they wanted a tough Safety Mirror. The high visibility of the DuraVision Mirror  coupled with it's heavy duty construction and unbreakable mirror face are benefits and advantages which helped the US Army to decide to acquire DuraVision Safety Mirrors!

Mirror Uses of Interest

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     Safety Mirror application of interest lately has been the use by Schools and Universities. Convave and convex School Science Mirrors enable students to execute multiple experiments in Physics classes. Safety Mirrors are also located strategically in other areas around Schools and Universities.

      Safety Mirrors are being installed in Libraries so that we can keep an eye on our "Angels" (children/students) hidden by rows of books. This helps to make sure that there aren't any "shenanigans" going on (like that could happen)! Another use in the Library is in the computer lab. Supervision is a must here to help prevent any internet or copyright abuse.

     Of course Safety Mirrors are installed outdoors at the corner of buildings. These are typically used to monitor pedestrians as well as students. School staff keeps an eye out for anti social activites such as bullying and smoking.

      Safety School Mirrors are strategically installed in the school parking lots. This use helps to prevent an accident as students leave school driving as if they are trying to qualify for the Indianapolis 500 Car Race! In addition, Safety Mirrors are used in playgrounds to help prevent some of our younger students from injuring themselves as they try to perform "amazing gymnastic stunts" that they probably should not be trying.

Driveway, Sidewalk and Roadway Safety

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Driveway, Sidewalk and Roadway Safety

It is mid-morning on a stunningly bright, cold, winter day. You are driving out of the parking lot, finished with previous business and thinking ahead to your next destination. Are you concentrating on your driving? Can you see the stop sign that is flooded by sunlight at the end of the driveway? It's the stop sign located at the end of the driveway designed to make you stop and look for hidden foot traffic on the sidewalk before you proceed to drive out on to the street!



As you approach the end of the driveway you can see a person across the street. That person is directly in front of you walking on the sidewalk. What if there are other people walking on the sidewalk closest to the driveway and they are hidden from your view by the two existing buildings on either side of the driveway? How would you be able to see them? How could a pedestrian walking down the sidewalk toward the driveway be able to tell that there is oncoming traffic leaving the parking lot?

Safety Convex Mirrors could help prevent an accident in this application! You could mount two model # 66062S Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Mirrors on the existing building walls on both sides of the driveway. Locate them at about 8 feet high x 3 feet back from the sidwalk. The safety convex mirrors would enable a driver to see pedestrians on the sidewalk or motor vehicle traffic that otherwise may have been hidden from view. They would also allow a pedestrian to see any oncoming motor vehicles about to exit the driveway!

Think safely, be proactive and use Safety Convex Mirrors to help prevent accidents!



DuraVision Stainless Steel Dome Mirrors

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The DuraVision Stainless Steel Dome Mirrors are highly polished and made from 1.2mm thick stainless steel. Sophisticated polishing is then applied to meet our high quality characteristics.

An optional full steel frame can be acquired in order to extend our longer duty cycle life. In addition, this type of construction along with an unbreakable stainless steel face allows these mirrors to be applied and used in "Corrections Facilities".

Another option for the DuraVision Stainless Steel Dome Mirrors is to supply them with counterstepped anchor holes in lieu of a frame. This allows you to use tamper proof fasteners such as Rawl Spikes or Torx Head security screws.

The DuraVision Stainless Steel Dome Mirrors are ideal for use in applications where a high strength, vandal proof mirror is required.  

Product News

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When you need to have an easy view of inaccessible areas or you want to inspect vehicles and equipment, Inspection Mirrors offer a safe way to visually inspect high or hard to access areas.

Inspection Mirrors are lightweight and durable. They are made out of highly reflective acrylic. Inspection Mirrors are used as a portable mirror and are supplied with an adjustable telescopic handle. The handle is made from durable aluminum and has twist locking capability. This mirror can be used to view around, above or below almost any hard to see area. An optional lighting system can be utilized at the base or handle for added visibility in dark or low light applications.

The LookUnder Mirror is manufactured specifically for visual inpsection underneath large objects. The LookUnder Mirror is mobile by means of caster wheels. The wheels allow easy positioning under the equipment being inspected while the deep convex mirror ensures a maximum viewing area. This mirror also has an aluminum telescopic handle and can be supplied with an optional lighting system. Its light weight makes the mirror easy and more comfortable to use over long periods of time. The LookUnder Mirror is supplied with an easy storage loop. It also comes with a storage bag to protect the mirror when it is not in use. Various sizes and handle lengths are available for this mirror.