Mirror Uses of Interest

By Al LaPrise on 2010-03-31 09:38:48 -


     Safety Mirror application of interest lately has been the use by Schools and Universities. Convave and convex School Science Mirrors enable students to execute multiple experiments in Physics classes. Safety Mirrors are also located strategically in other areas around Schools and Universities.

      Safety Mirrors are being installed in Libraries so that we can keep an eye on our "Angels" (children/students) hidden by rows of books. This helps to make sure that there aren't any "shenanigans" going on (like that could happen)! Another use in the Library is in the computer lab. Supervision is a must here to help prevent any internet or copyright abuse.

     Of course Safety Mirrors are installed outdoors at the corner of buildings. These are typically used to monitor pedestrians as well as students. School staff keeps an eye out for anti social activites such as bullying and smoking.

      Safety School Mirrors are strategically installed in the school parking lots. This use helps to prevent an accident as students leave school driving as if they are trying to qualify for the Indianapolis 500 Car Race! In addition, Safety Mirrors are used in playgrounds to help prevent some of our younger students from injuring themselves as they try to perform "amazing gymnastic stunts" that they probably should not be trying.