Closed Circuit Television

By Al LaPrise on 2012-06-26 11:02:55 -

Some years ago a large retail chain had replaced all of their DuraVision in house security mirrors with Closed Circuit Television Systems. It was hard to believe that in two years after replacing the DuraVision security mirrors with CCTV systems, that theft (shrinkage) had increased to a total of $12,000,00 within a chain of almost 40 stores! To make matters worse, the CCTV systems are now aging and in need of costly service work and or replacement upgrades. Therefore, the retail chain management began to review their security system investment costs which included the ongoing maintenance and operational costs of the CCTV systems.

The review found the following:

  • A new CCTV system currently costs $90,000.00 per store.
  • There are continuous labor costs involved with operating and monitoring the systems.
  • There are continuous maintenance contract costs to pay for maintaining the systems.
  • By implementing good maintenance procedures it was determined that each CCTV system only has a maximum life cycle of 10 years.


An employee in the Security Department noticed that when the stores were using DuraVision security mirrors, theft (shrinkage) was a lot less costly before the CCTV systems were installed and the security mirrors removed. A suggestion was made to reinstall some of the security mirrors that had been taken down and put into storage.

That experiment resulted in a reduction of theft (shrinkage) very quickly. Store employees were able to monitor customers quickly and easily from the sales floor. In addition, it is a know fact that DuraVision security mirrors are a deterrent to any potential shoplifters when they can easily see the security mirrors while walking around the store.

A security decision was made to reinstall all of the DuraVision security mirrors back in their original locations. This allowed a change to smaller, less costly CCTV systems by using them only at strategic locations such as entrances, exits and cashier stations. Thus reducing their theft (shrinkage) dollars!