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By Al LaPrise on 2008-08-11 07:53:57 -

When you need to have an easy view of inaccessible areas or you want to inspect vehicles and equipment, Inspection Mirrors offer a safe way to visually inspect high or hard to access areas.

Inspection Mirrors are lightweight and durable. They are made out of highly reflective acrylic. Inspection Mirrors are used as a portable mirror and are supplied with an adjustable telescopic handle. The handle is made from durable aluminum and has twist locking capability. This mirror can be used to view around, above or below almost any hard to see area. An optional lighting system can be utilized at the base or handle for added visibility in dark or low light applications.

The LookUnder Mirror is manufactured specifically for visual inpsection underneath large objects. The LookUnder Mirror is mobile by means of caster wheels. The wheels allow easy positioning under the equipment being inspected while the deep convex mirror ensures a maximum viewing area. This mirror also has an aluminum telescopic handle and can be supplied with an optional lighting system. Its light weight makes the mirror easy and more comfortable to use over long periods of time. The LookUnder Mirror is supplied with an easy storage loop. It also comes with a storage bag to protect the mirror when it is not in use. Various sizes and handle lengths are available for this mirror.