Welcome to Indoff

     What are we all about at Indoff? We are well trained product specialists that can help you solve your material handling problems. Indoff Partners are not only well trained in specific niche products, we are all familiar with a broad array of equpiment and services. For instance, at this marketing site you probably have an interest in some type of convex safety mirror. However, I have been working in the material handling equipment industry since 1978. Please take advantage of my experience by utilizing me to help with any material handling equipment application that you may have. You have found the right person if you need help finding a product or service that fits your needs.

     Did you know that Indoff assembles/installs/repairs and services all of the product lines that we distribute? We also book Preventive Maintenance service calls that may be necessary for Dock Equipment, Stackers, Scissor Lifts, Powered Conveyor and Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors. Please ask me about these benefits!