DuraVision Safety

By Al LaPrise on 2007-04-16 07:33:57 -

How important is safety in your workplace? Of course, it is of the highest importance! Accident prevention is the key to workplace safety. Safety mirrors are paramount if you want to avoid collisions in the workplace. DuraVision safety mirrors can reduce human injury when strategically placed in traffic aisles and traffic lanes. Especially when placed in those lanes that are adjacent to pedestrian traffic and pedestrian access. Further, the proper placement of safety mirrors can safeguard and help prevent stock damage caused by motorized and non-powered trucks, vehicles and carts impacting your stock. Your worker's safety is essential in the factory, warehouse, office, parking lot and anywhere in and on your physical plant. DuraVision safety mirrors play a very important part in the precaution of and avoiding collisions. Safety mirrors accomplish this by assisting your vision when direct viewing is impaired.